Our manual production line provides a skilled, hand-finished service, to almost any glass requirement you may have in mind.

Suppliers and service.

At Premier DGU our team has been involved with glass for well over 10 years. We regularly supply the leading, high-specification glass materials from Saint-Gobain, AGC, Guardian as well as a compliment of body-tinted base glasses.

and leaded glass.

Premier DGU provide a range of decorative options to turn glass from a basic construction material into a means of adding style and elegance to your home.

By incorporating decorative glass in your glazing, you can not only add great looks but also privacy or practical requirements such as safety or security. Decorative glass enables you to add style and elegance to your home incorporating a range of options such as Georgian or cottage bars, stained glass, leaded lights, bevels and brilliant-cut glass to create a distinctive look.

We have a full catalogue of designs to choose from, featuring both present and past work. Stop by at our reception desk and we'll work together to tailor the unique design you're looking for.

Internal blinds.

Blinds encapsulated in a double glazed unit for the ultimate in blinds protected from dirt, dust and weather conditions.